Saturday Sep 23, 2023

Logo Design Difficulties: Why don’t we Un-complicate the method

Logo design might seem a really hassle free profession to the outsiders. They feel that logo designers only work with a few fonts, colors and form factors. There’s little trouble, right? In the end, they don’t design 10-20 website pages for just one website like the web site designers! Unlike popular belief, logo designers face their own share of troubles in their job. From copyright issues to technical difficulty to handling client’s demand, every logo designer faces these challenges everyday. Here certainly are a few major design issues that can be tough to handle, if you don’t take proper precaution.

Lack of software knowledge- thiet ke logo cong ty A good designer will need to have enough knowledge to utilize different design software. Generally, every designer has their own favorite software which he works regularly and feels most comfortable to use. But the issue arises when the client mentions particular software that he wants the designer to use. He might ask the designer to create a brand on Adobe Illustrator and if the designer is not comfortable with Illustrator then he will miss the project. To fulfill the client’s requirements, you should be experienced in all the favorite design software. If you don’t have the knowledge and want to focus on any other software, then ensure that your file is appropriate for the software that client likes.

Some clients are tough to handle- Some clients have their own idea about how their logo should look. Then don’t just provide the designer a fundamental idea by what he wants, rather he forces the designer to create the logo the way he wishes it to be. You can have no freedom showing your personal creativity due to the strict rules the client will impose on you. In order to avoid such conditions, tell the client the method that you work in a style project and what the client’s responsibility is. Until you show him the limits, he can keep intruding in work and disturb the creative process.

Don’t develop a communication gap- Some clients believe because they have hired an expert logo designer, he has nothing to contribute in the project. Some designers also believe initial brief from the client concerning the project is enough. They show the logo to the client once it’s completed. But, that’s not the ideal process of a successful design project. If the client is shy, you ought to take the responsibility to keep in touch with him at a typical basis. Ask him for feedback and make any changes that he requests. This can make the client happy. He will know that his work is progressing steadily. As an artist you will also have a definite idea what the client likes and dislikes. You can do the required changes at the sooner stage to make the logo successful without facing any criticism.

Copyright issues- You’ll want seen some small companies’ logo resemble famous logo of big brands. Sometimes the logo designers copy other company’s logo blatantly and sometimes unknowingly they get influenced by some components of a famous logo. Once you create the identical logo, it’s certainly a crime. But if you unknowingly or unintentionally infringe a brand copyright, it’s a sincere mistake, not stealing. However, due to the strict copyright laws and huge fines, you ought to always be cautious about the elements you use in your design project. Before you select font, color and shape for your design, research on the net to learn if any other company has copyright to use them or not. If the fonts and shapes are freely available, you need to use them in your logo design.

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